NSEFI Wishlist for achieving solar targets in India

  1. RPO Enforcement with further intensified effort

  2. REC Market and Bankability to be strengthened

  3. Solar Energy to move from Class to Mass.

  4. Every farm to be encouraged to set up and export solar energy to the grid through net metering. Farmers to supply electricity to the Grid. (NSEFI is happy that the Govt. has accepted this long standing suggestion of NSEFI by way of KUSUM yojana).

  5. Every taluka to go in for appropriate size solar plant – thus ensuring decentralized solar power generation

  6. Large deployment of Micro and Minigrids

  7. Affordable low cost solar finance

  8. Give high priority for deployment of CSP with New Technologies

  9. High priority for adaptation of new Solar Storage Technologies

  10. Parity in taxes and dutiesMassive research effort and collaboration with world’s reputed laboratories to commercialize the already achieved high efficiency (42% in NREL and other laboratories). If this is done, it will be a disruptive technology requiring half the land required presently.

  11. Easy finance availability for Residential Rooftop, and for commercial and industrial establishments, especially MSMEs.

  12. Support and encouragement for Indian manufacturing, including module manufacturing to become globally competitive.

  13. Evacuation of renewable power to be State’s responsibility

  14. Ideally, no Open Access charge for Renewable Energy. If this is not possible, uniform, low Open Access rates throughout the country.

  15. Land availability on priority basis

  16. Same priority to solar as that of Space and Nuclear Energy.

  17. Increased Renewable Energy budget. RE budget to double every year. Even with this increase, it will be much smaller than fossil fuel subsidies.

  18. e-Mobility to be encouraged with use of solar energy