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NSEFI Takes Indian Delegation to SNEC 2017 with EQMag Editor

With India getting increasing attention world wide in the field of solar energy, as many as five NSEFI members have been invited as Speakers at the world famous SNEC event taking place at Shanghai, China April 17 – 21. Apart from NSEFI Chief Pranav Mehta who will speak during the Conference Opening ceremony along with solar biggies like Bruce Douglas, Chairman, Global Solar Council and COO, Solar Power Europe, Chairman Gong Shan Zu of GCL, Jifan Gao, Chairman, Trina Solar, Gianni Chianetta, Chairman Italian Solar Association and other world solar leaders, other speakers from NSEFI include Deepak Gupta, Hon. Director General of NSEFI, Kerry Adler, President and CEO, SkyPower Global, Hitesh Doshi, Chairman, Waaree Group and Parag Sharma, COO, ReNEW Power.

Further, Pranav Mehta will lead a 25 member Indian Delegation to this event where NSEFI and Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association will jointly emphasise the importance of international cooperation and working hand in hand with the national governments for solar growth to mitigate the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change with the motto of “Let us join hands to Save the Planet”. Anand Gupta, Editor of EQ Magazine will also be an important part of this Indian Delegation.

adminNSEFI Takes Indian Delegation to SNEC 2017 with EQMag Editor